Re-Think: Stefan Stiuca LIVE | 14thLANE

15D, Soseaua Orhideelor, Bucuresti

Re-think dining in an architectural gem along the city’s first tramlines.

Re-discover the vibes of live music completing your food and drinks experience. Let this new exciting venue in town inspire you and your friends.

You don’t want to miss the ride!

Sound will be provided by Stefan Stiuca starting 8PM.

Stefan Stiuca is an artist that actually elevates joy, pain and misery to the same height, throughout music.

This one of a kind character reaches a rare emotional torrent, a tender murder of the sound that has been stained and washed by an interpretation that broadens the emotional spectrum and the possibility of translating human nature. His playlist is liberating. The personal rendering and the language that’s beyond the sound represents a genuine encyclopedia of signals and feelings that increase the individuality of an emotion and makes you aware of the freedom in the melodic line.

Stefan converts the moment into sonorous time while being generous enough to burn with great intensity and he puts it all on the line for the humans in front of him. He has the power of implementing the feeling in it’s purest shape, but most of all he manages to imprint his own being in the song through a personal interpretation that does not leave any room for remarks.

Book your table at: 0727 677 777
Free entrance (+18)



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