Re-Practice: Pasta Workshop w/ Gentleman Chef

15d Orhideelor Street, Bucharest

Using fresh pasta makes a world of difference when it comes to turning out an all-star dish. For the home cook, the idea of making of fresh pasta may sound intimidating, but starting from scratch is actually easy and it only requires four everyday ingredients (flour, eggs, olive oil, salt). Learning how to make pasta dough at 14th Lane will change your world, and how you feel about Italian food heritage.

We provide all the equipment and ingredients, which are also easy to source at your local market or food store, should you not already have them in your kitchen. This pasta workshop gives onlookers a chance to get involved in the cooking action and is designed to be fun and instructive. You will work in groups of 2 to 4.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled workshop especially if you’re part of a large group. Drinks can be purchased from our bar at 14th Lane and are NOT included in the ticket price. Outside drinks are not allowed. 21+ only.

Gentleman Chef

Alex Maftei has been passionate about cooking since he was a child and he has always been fascinated by tastes and flavors. After getting his degree in cooking, his desire to learn in depth about gourmet food grew, so he experimented with several types of cooking. On his road to becoming a chef, he cooked at a raw-vegan restaurant, led two bistro kitchens at the same time and has been a personal cook. Then, he started working with famous chefs from Romania, such as: Chef Foa, Chef Samuel Le Torriellec, Chef Ștefan Drăgan, learning some high level fine dining. Later, he pursued his fine dining passion in the UK, where he cooked at a castle restaurant, along with Chef Andrew Wilson. He was attracted by the noble spirit and the elegance of the castle, so etiquette and the British good manners have become part of both his lifestyle and cooking style. He understood that in the kitchen, as in everyday life, he has to work with precision, elegance and respect for each ingredient, just like a true gentleman would do. This is how his personal brand came to life. He is the Gentleman Chef.
Gentleman Chef is now working as a chef for 14th Lane, Boutique Du Pain and Boutique Du Pain Junior.


The workshop cost is 150 RON and includes all the ingredients for the homemade pasta, the pasta recipe and pasta tasting.

Guest requirement

Outside drinks are not allowed. Drinks can be purchased from our bar at 14th Lane and are NOT included in the ticket price. 21+ only.


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15d Orhideelor St.



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