EXXPERIMENT.com / Tribute to Bucharest Parties

21, Soseaua Kiseleff, Bucuresti

This event is about paying a tribute to bucharest parties and entertainment that brought so much joy to all of us in the past 25 years and becoming a legendary one in europe.

It was created by you, me, artists, music, djs, nightlife personalities, dancing styles, and our very own way of partying.

So, its about you, you were there at some point, isn’t it?
We invite you to have a all in one exxperiment.

Data: Friday – 16.06.2017
Time: Be there at 05:00 PM
Location : Kiseleff no.21 @ The Exxperiment Temporary Mansion (opposite to hotel Triumf)


• We will party in an amazing Villa, with a beautiful Garden of 20,000 m2 and an outstanding indoor Pool
• Entertainment: 5 Emblematic DJ’s and Artists of the past 25 years of party, clubbing and events in Bucharest
• You can book your table (all with beautiful view), or choose one of the bars
• Drinks: from usual to experimental
• Dining: signature of LOFT.
• Dress code: Casual but Fashionable and have your swimming suit with you 🙂
• 18+



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