Chefs. Experience schedule & the new entries

Dear customers and friends, The party continues at Chefs!

These days, our schedule is the following:
31st of December Closed (we will be arranging everything for a fabulous New Year’s Eve)1st of JanuaryOpened, after 2:00 PM (we will be expecting you with Turkey soup – traditional recipe)

2nd and 3rd of JanuaryOpened, normal schedule

The party continues at Chefs!

Gather your friends and join us on 1st of January!
We’ll be expecting you with Turkey Soup, Bouillabaisse soup with shrimps, octopus tentacles, salmon and mussels, flavored with Sambuca & orange, Chef Scarlatescu’s Mussels, Ribeye steak with rosemary and garlic and a delicious dessert: Pear boiled in wine, with white chocolate and cinnamon, served with hot caramel sauce!
Booking: 0723 856 916



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